About College

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany created the homoeopathic medical system in 1796. It is founded on the idea that "Let the like be treated by like" (Similia Similibus Curenture) holds true. In India, homoeopathy is a growing area of medicine, and millions of people choose homoeopathic drugs as their primary form of treatment. Numerous institutions in India offer quality education in homoeopathy, including bachelor's, postgraduate, and even doctoral degrees. Presently, more than 50 colleges in Gujarat state offer programmes in homoeopathy. One of the top colleges in the Gujarat state is Gokul Homoeopathy Medical College, which has gained popularity among students throughout Gujarat state.

Gokul Homoeopathy Medical College is Gokul Foundation administered institution with total commitment to quality and excellence in academic pursuit. It offers students a complete dynamic learning environment that focuses on all-inclusive development of students integrating latest technical advancements, theoretical aspects, practical applications & exposure, training, soft skills development with strong ethical traits. Students at Gokul Foundation are provided with realistic work environment with eminent, qualified and experienced faculties enabling the complete theoretical, practical and all-round teaching attributes.

Ambulance Service:

Institute has its own Ambulance